Corporate culture is the origin of corporate image. In the company, the staff is the owner of the company, is the core of company development. And strive to create a sense of belonging and a sense of honor, the company's development results and benefits to employees, to provide staff with more training and development platform. It is precisely because sansun famous for many years to "love you my family" as the core, strengthen corporate culture, corporate values, busin-ess philosophy subtle transfer to the staff, thus shaping a highly coheive and loyalty of the staff team , It is every sansun famous people to play out the work of enthusiasm and creativity, for the development of enterprises to provide a steady stream of power.
Business philosophy: the market and demand-oriented, quality of survival, to create value for customers
Entrepreneurship: people-oriented, customer first, happy work, the pursuit of excellence
Service Mission: quality first, integrity first
Cultural identity: a culture of responsible solidarity and cooperation, a culture that contributes to shared achievement
Core competencies: speed, quality, technology, flexibility, cost